Monday, November 21, 2011

My husband and "MOvember"

OK, about two weeks ago, I noticed my husband's shaving habits seemed to be lacking.  "Are you forgetting to shave your lip?"  I asked.  "No, it's MOvember." was his reply.  Am I supposed to understand this?  MO-what?  Remember, honey, I have no job or contact with the outside world other than helping at Tanner's school and going to Safe-Way.  Therefore, I have no effing idea what "MOvember" is!
He explained that all the guys at work were allowing mustaches to grow for the entire month of November for charity.  OK, for charity, I can put up with the hairy lip, I suppose.  Of course, Eric has no REAL idea how growing this mustache will benefit a charity.  I think he's just enjoying me hating the mustache.  I was pretty sure he would get bored with it and shave it off, as my husband just isn't a "bandwagon" kind of guy...AT ALL!  Last Sunday, I heard the razor going in the bathroom for what seemed like a very "mustache shaving off" amount of time.  I was hopeful.  When he came out of the bathroom and smiled at me, I looked at him and..."'s still there...and now there's a little friend for the mustache below your bottom lip."  I know what you all are thinking...goatee.  But, NO, not a goatee.  The fur under his bottom lip is like some sort of triangle pointing to his chin.  My husband *rocked* the goatee back in the day.  I loved it, he looked good with it!  But, this...this was NOT a goatee.  I sighed, audibly.  But, it is giving me lots of reasons to laugh at (with) my husband.  Always a good thing.  
Plus, December is right around the corner.  I can live with MOvember a little while longer.  But, I leave you with one question:  Why do all men with a mustache look like porn stars???  Bizarro. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lost in Cardboard

Sorry for the blogging delay.  Moving is a bitch!  We are here.  We are adjusting.  That's about all.  Nothing too terribly exciting.  There are surely pros and cons to this move.  I'm listing them all in my mind every day as I unpack and try to make our old life fit our new one.  We've been thrown into school and it is different to say the least.  No transportation for students.  Tanner loves riding his bike to school, which is at the end of our street.  Aidan could ride a bike, but until he is more comfortable with the area, I'm dropping him off and picking him up. The curriculum standards are higher. Both boys feel as if they are a bit behind where they were in Missouri.  There is no doubt that we are the minority in this area, a weird feeling to experience.  We are surrounded by Asians and Indians (and NOT the kind with feathered headdresses, as I explained painstakingly to Tanner).  Poor Tanner is so overloaded by all of the cultures here.  I asked him what a boy in his class looked like (this is Jared the one who likes to be called "Pip Squeak" and is so tiny he has to jump up to put his folder in the basket on the shelf).  He said, "I think he's Japanese."  My response "Oh, OK, so he's Asian."  When I spoke to Tanner's teacher and mentioned that he liked the little Asian boy named Jared, she nearly fell over laughing.  Her name is Mrs. Chung.  I asked her what was so funny.  She said that Jared is African American.  Tanner just doesn't know what to do with all of this diversity.
Aidan is faring well.  He very much likes the few kids he's met at school and through a friend of mine here, but is missing his best buds back home.  I was talking with both boys about how it's hard on me too, having left all of my friends.  Aidan's response was very positive.  He said, "Mom, I know we'll all make new friends.  And when you get some new friends, you can talk about detergent and cleaning things.  It'll be great!"
I can't wait. :-)