Friday, January 6, 2012

New year, new look!

Happy 2012 everyone!  I decided to update my blog with a new look!  So since it's "Stories I Only Tell My Closest Friends" I decided to put some of my closest friends on my blog.  If you're not on here it doesn't mean I don't consider you a close friend.  It just means I have SO many friends that I couldn't possibly fit them all on my blog (yeah, right).  Really I picked the ones who have the most dirt on me and put them on so that they know how much I love them and hopefully they will never reveal my deepest and darkest. (I have information on you as well, bitches, so keep it quiet!!).
I am not making resolutions.  I don't do that.  I think it is just another way for me to publicly FAIL at something and I don't really need that help.  My big news is I still don't dig living in Cali.  My kids also do not care for it too much.  My husband, on the other hand, is in his element.  No, not the "California Surfer Dude" kind of element.  The Silicon Valley "Tech Geek" kind of element.  We did this for his job, it's a huge opportunity for him, blah, blah, blah.  Doesn't make it any easier and believe me I keep WAITING for it to get easier.
ONE thing that is easier is getting around.  I finally feel like I know which streets are connected to which places and how to get where I'm trying to get to (wow-terrible sentence).  So, just in time for that, Eric bought me a GARMIN for Christmas.  Whatevs, it's good to have it in case I get distracted.  What I REALLY need is an ear thingy so I can (legally) talk on my phone while I drive.  That's next on my list of must haves.  (What I really need is a bank drive up shute that will pop me back over to O'Fallon when I need to hang out with someone other than my dog or my kids).
My birthday present to myself (using Xmas funds from my wonderful MIL and birthday money-cough, cough, MOM, that's you-no presents, just money toward my already purchased plane ticket that is too expensive-) is to fly home for 5 glorious days in the usually very beautiful month of February.  I will see all my local friends, I will scrapbook at a crop, I will see family and I will eat Chick fil-a and toasted ravioli.  I CAN'T frickin' wait!!!  It's technically after my birthday, but no one really cares, right?  I need some "friend time" and I need it yesterday.
Okay, peeps, that's all of my moaning and complaining for the moment.  I really want something cool to happen like Aidan makes a friend or I make a friend so that I can write about that.  But, for now the cool news is that Tanner had a sleep over with 2 friends from his class and enjoyed it.  The COOLER news is that I met MC Hammer at the Square Xmas party.  The COOLEST news is that my mom and Bill were here for a week over Xmas.   See that?  That is me trying to put a positive spin on things.  You should have seen me trying to fit myself into their suitcase at the airport.  HILARIOUS!

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