Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Today started like a typical Sunday:   wake up a little later than usual, drink coffee, decide to go for a walk.  Well, perhaps I should have stopped at coffee because that's where the day went awry.  I started out the front door for my walk and this is what I saw:
My husband, the groundhog hunter, had captured another one of our uninvited house guests. I will call this unfortunate event number 1.  After telling my husband of his victory over the 4th groundhog in a series of ??? groundhogs, I left for my walk.  While on my walk, my oldest son Aidan texted me that he would like to be picked up from his sleepover.  No problem, I'll be there after my walk.   When I returned from my walk Eric and Tanner were gone to release the groundhog in my van.  This forced me to take Eric's car to pick up Aidan.  Unfortunate event #2.  I got Aidan and returned home and opened the garage door where Eric's car is normally parked.  Instead I see lawn equipment.  Hmm, ok he must be changing where he parks to the other side of the garage.  I have no opener for that side.  So, I just park E's car in the driveway-unfortunate event #3.  Later when I leave to take Tanner to tennis, I get in my van and back out of my usual garage spot and, you guessed it-completely forgot that E's car was in an unusual place.
This series of unfortunate events led to this outcome.  Please note that my husband just recently got his car (the red one) back from the repair shop for $600 worth of damage done to the opposite side by a pothole the size of a small elephant.  Well, I didn't want this side to feel left out.  For some reason when I look at these pictures, I want to yell, "The van is the winner!  The van is the winner!"  But, I guess that wouldn't be wise.

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