Thursday, May 9, 2013

We Bought a House

If you've seen the movie "We Bought a Zoo" then you know exactly what my life has been like since moving into this 17 year old house ten days ago.  Except without the tigers.  But, we have groundhogs, which are clearly more entertaining.  We have been very fortunate in our married life to move into 2 newly built homes.  We even rented a newly built home in California.  I feel like we took very good care of all of our homes, even our rental.  We made repairs, updates, kept things clean and well, just acted like a fricking grown ups!  So, imagine my rude awakening upon moving into a home where little to no maintenance has been done in the past 4-10 years.  Everything on this house is original.  The people who built it in 1996 wanted Victorian and custom.  There is a ton about this house that we instantly loved!  The screened in porch, the oversized three car garage, the pool (what was I thinking?).
But, we have just had to fix a cajillion things since moving in.  The water heater sounds like the one on the All State Mahem commercial.  The pool filter is weak and fading fast, the groundhog family living under the porch has a system of holes and tunnels that surely must lead to China.  I know we bit this off willingly and we will fix it all.  One. thing. at. a time.  But, my gawd, I am too OCD for this shit!  One source of daily frustration is in our master bathroom.  The toilet closet has a toilet that is too large to actually get the door past it.  That's as far as the door will go.
I know what you are thinking.  You are picturing me squeezing past the door and toilet.  Yep, that's what I do, every day.  Several times a night, in fact.  It's lovely.
I am grateful to the previous owners for taking down all the ugly ass Victorian wallpaper that used to cover the interior walls.  But, they left us all these wonderful shiny gold light fixtures.  Pretty sure they haven't been dusted in 17 years.  Here's the one I keep hitting my head on several times a day:
I'm pretty sure that's why one of the lamp thingies is tilted.  From my head.
Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of whatever the hell this house has in store for us.  We're all happy to be home, even if the home is fighting back a little.

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