Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog virgin

OK, here I go...blogging.  Hmmm, I guess I'll start with the title.  I like stories, don't you?  NOT boring ass stories, like "He said OMG!" and I was all like "I don't think so, ya know?"  The youth today can NOT tell a good story (in my opinion).  I'm not always going to say that *in my opinion* thing, b/c it's MY blog, therefore my opinion.  So, that's the only time I'll do that.  I like a good story, something that really happened but is just so funny that you have to share it.  That is what  I propose this blog will  be.  But, don't hold me to that.  The title may sound familiar to you.  Rob Lowe (hotty, McHot Hot that he is), has a book out with roughly the same title.  But his is a book, mine is a blog.  He is a hot actor who made some mistakes in the 80's.  I am just an everyday gal who also made several mistakes in the 80's (not to mention the 90's).  Plus, I think his book title isn't quite accurate, given that he's published and all.  But, I digress.  So this is just a "HELLO, welcome to my blog!"  I hope you can find a minute or two each week to read it.  If not, then I guess you are  NOT one of my *closest friends.*  Poor you!

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