Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where the heck are the protein bars?

Shopping for groceries today, ho hum, ho hum.  I had a list and thoroughly enjoyed crossing my items off as I placed them in my cart (I'm a freak like that).  Apparently, though, there would be no crossing off of the strawberries today.  I went around the produce section multiple times, thinking surely I missed them.  But, no.  No strawberries.  There are always strawberries.  Fine, not gonna ruin my shopping experience.  After all, I'm at the grocery store at 2:00 p.m. on a *school day.*  NICE! 
Next item, protein bars.  Not just any protein bars.  My kids like the Special K protein bars.  Every store I go to either keeps them in an odd, out of the way spot, or just does not carry them.  I know what you're thinking, "there is a protein bar section" and there is.  But, they are not there.  Cereal bars, not there either.  They have the protein-less Special K bars there, but not the protein kind.  For the love of Pete!!! It's like "Where's Waldo" at Shop N Save.   Finally I found them in section.  Really??  WTF? I only found them there b/c I was looking for benedryl.  Do other people have as much trouble as I do finding certain things at the grocery store?  
Anywho, paid and out to my van I go.  Putting them in the back and the cart starts to roll down the parking lot.  Why would you build a grocery store parking lot on a slope?  Just to make my day a little more interesting?  Well, thankseversoverymuch!  I wedged the cart in a way that I was sure it was secure. NOPE!  Now I pull it back and put my foot on the bottom as I'm unloading the bags.  This could be an olympic sport for women.  Did I mention it's 100 flipping degrees outside?  
I looked great once I got in the van and blasted on the AC.  On my way home I made up a song.  It was about protein bars and parking lots and had lots of four letter words in it.  

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