Friday, February 17, 2012

What Happens When you don't just say "It's fine."

I'm a talker.  If you know me at all, you know I can talk on just about any subject and most definitely have an opinion about said subject.  I went to the bank this week and the teller there ALWAYS asks me "How do you like California so far??"  I discovered on my first visit that apparently she can tell that our account originated in Missouri because our account number "is so strange."  So, over the course of these 4 months she has learned where I'm from, why we moved here, how many kids we have and how to correctly pronounce "O'Fallon" which is "such a strange name for a town."  Our bank is in the SafeWay where I shop and is very small so it's usually the same teller.
Usually I tell her "It's fine" or "The weather is certainly better" because my momma raised me right and I know how to have a polite conversation.  But, this week, she wasn't taking that for an answer.  Here's the gist of the conversation:
Teller:  How are you liking California so far?
Me:  It's good, thanks.
Teller:  Is it really that different from the midwest?
Me:  Ummm, YES!  (I think my facial expression gave away QUITE a bit on this one because she seemed genuinely shocked.)
Teller:  But, you like California better, right?
Me:  It's an adjustment.
Teller:  But, you like it better here, RIGHT?  I mean there's NO comparison, right?
Me:  It may be too soon to answer that.
Teller:  (shaking her head)  But, you love it.  You do.  (This was more a statement than a question).
Me:  Actually, I don't.  But, thanks.

I may have to go to a different bank branch next time.  This woman REALLY needs me to like it here and I'm not good at faking it.  I'm a midwest girl.  I like my seasons to really BE seasons.  I like neighbors who wave and say "hi."  Hopefully, I'll rub off on the people out here a little.  I think they could use a good dose of the  midwest.

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