Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feels (A Little) More Like Home

I guess at some point you just have a new normal.  I think I'm there.  We've been here for 6 months now and I think the adjustment has been (mostly) made.  I can actually list things I like about living in California now.  Don't get me wrong, I can still list things I don't like as well (PESSIMISTS UNITE!).  But the list isn't as long as it used to be.
Recently, Aidan, Tanner, and I went back to Missouri for Spring Break.  It was my second trip back and the boy's first.  For nine days, our social calendars were filled, to the brim people!!  I was the social taxi cab (in my mother's car).  There were friends to see, schools and teachers to visit, family to bond with, etc.  You know how it is when you visit home.  Less vacation and more run around and make sure you have adequate face time with ALL.
I thought it would be hard for the boys to come back.  They had a BLAST, but both were quite fine with returning.  It didn't hurt that Tony LaRussa was on our flight back to SF.  We all got to meet him.  Oh yea, random famous people on my flight!  I was READY to come back.  I loved seeing everyone, but I ran my ass off (actually it's still there, but you get my drift).  We drove to Illinois for a couple days (Eric's family-check).  We stayed with my mom and daddy-B, had Easter there, even saw my brother (my family, more of Eric's family-check).  I went to Kentucky with my Lover (that means my old roomie, Shayn, we're not actually lovers, I just call her that.  There's a whole story, but it's not relevant at this time to share).  We were on a mission to see our other roomie, Susannah.  The planets actually aligned this year and we all had Spring Break at the same time.  Hells to the yea on that!  (Serious friend bonding time, soul rejuvenated, my ass kicked at Nertz-check).

I actually think it was harder on some of the people we visited when we left, rather than on us.  I know people want us to be happy, but it's hard when people you liked having in your life on a daily basis have been gone and are now more OK with being gone. As my friend (and MIL) Elaine says, "Don't drink the Kool-Aid!"  Sorry, Elaine, I've had a few sips!  It doesn't mean I don't love and miss everyone, I DO!  It just means you can only live in "limbo" for so long before you go bonkers.  Also, plane tickets are *CRAZY* expensive.
So, onward and upward!  Aidan has picked out his electives for 8th grade (What the what-8th grade?) next year and seems excited.  Tanner will be in his last year of elementary (5th-again, Whaat?) at an awesome school.  Eric is among his people and working his tail off at Square!  I am taking the C-BEST test to get certified in California, so may actually have a job next year.  In the meantime, I am volunteering at Tanner's school with many things.  I've met some great ladies through that!
And, hey, the pool opens on May 10th!

Not to end on a complete cliche', but I will.  Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.  Plan away, people, plan away!

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