Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anytime Now

How do you stay positive when things are anything but?  I have been saying, "it is what it is" and "it will work out" for about 2 months now and that's about to put me in an institution.  I need better (or more) drugs if I am going to keep this up for much longer.  In the past 2 weeks, 2 toilets in our house decided they'd had enough flushing, Tanner's left click on his track pad wouldn't work, his kickstand would go neither up nor down, our garage door opener works when and if it wants to, and today my dishwasher repeats the first 2 minutes of its cycle, but nothing more.  REALLY??  Oh, and even though the roofing materials have been delivered, not a soul has come to actually put them on my friggin' roof.  The positive thoughts are not exactly pouring out of me over here.
On top of all that, I'm trying to get someone to buy or lease my house.  I feel like I'm selling cheese to the lactose intolerant for Pete's sake.  Crickets chirping, can you hear that?  It is an absofuckinglutely impossible time to sell one's home.  I'm thinking of going to the grand opening of Chick Fil-et up on Hwy K and handing out flyers Thursday just to drum up some lookers.  
So, everyone, just be on alert, I can NO LONGER be positive.  I need a break from positivity.  It's Eeore time people!  Little black rain cloud following me wherever the heck I go.  Screw you real estate market!  To hell with you, appliances!  Bite me, wanna-be roofers!  And in the words of the beautiful Jon Bon Jovi, "Have a nice day!"

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