Monday, September 12, 2011

Life By Numbers

I was feeling quite bogged down by numbers last week.  Met with 3 moving companies to get estimates.  They measured, counted dressers and estimated how many pounds of stuff we had to move, how much it would cost. Numbers.  Eric and I had to figure out what we would have to sell or lease the house for so that we *break even.*  New bills in California: deposit on the house we're leasing there, need a fridge and washer/dryer there.  Numbers.  How much it will cost to fix our roof vs. what our (pain in the ass) insurance company will cover. More numbers.  Then Friday night I was flipping channels and landed on a 9/11 10th anniversary special on NBC.  I couldn't move.  Tanner came in and asked me why I was crying.  I just grabbed him and pulled him onto my lap.  I remembered how right after that awful day I told Eric I wanted to have another baby.  I remembered his due date and birth weight...numbers.  
We watched the whole thing together.  He asked a lot of questions. How many people died, Mom?  How many planes were hi-jacked?  Numbers.  I crawled in his pillow filled bed with him when I tucked him in that night.  He has 9 pillows on  his bed b/c they "make him feel safe."  I hugged him and kissed him on his cheeks, forehead; and he let me.  Then I turned on his 3 nightlights and said goodnight.
What a lesson on perspective I had learned that night.  I am so thankful to have had that 1 moment with him.  So, today, as I expect the roofers to get here by 9:00 and rush Aidan to the bus stop b/c he forgot to set his alarm, I am SO grateful for the numbers in my life.  Especially the 2 that live under my care and the one that is in California much of the time, the 2 around the corner who are always there for me, countless friends.

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